Whether you need:


short term ~ long term

live in ~ come and go

part time ~ full time

day ~ night ~ weekends

Please fill out the  request form below to get started.


If you have had an injury, serious medical condition, been in an accident,  and you need help TE-SA can help you find you someone certified and reliable to help you during your time of need.

Please call.

(708) 583-1902

(773) 837-4903


In order to fill this position for you the candidates must provide their license or certification in each specific feild.


They must also pass our full screenings which include:

background checks, criminal records, employment history, references, licensed skills, or certifications, such as  first aid, CPR, ect.


Let us make the search simple and stress free for you.



We are licensed to serve the whole state of Illinois.

We can provide you with:


- Someone to take care of you in the privacy and

  comfort of your own home

- Help you with physical therapy

- Follow medication schedules

- Someone to help with your mobility

   in your home

- To help you in case of emergencies

- Help you follow dietary resctrictions

- Follow daily medical routines

- Get you to and from doctor visits


Please note: this is NOT a job application, this form is only for someone requesting a CNA/Nurse.