We are licensed to serve the whole state of Illinois.


Running your home and sticking to your daily routines can become difficult. TE-SA can help you find someone to give you assistance and friendship in your daily life.


(708) 583-1902

(773) 837-4903



You may need:


  • Someone to cook and eat your meals with you
  • Shopping and groceries
  • Take care of your pets
  • Run your errands
  • Doctor visits
  • Help to excercise
  • Clean your home
  • Help you travel
  • Spend the day with you


Please fill out the request form below to get started.

Our candidates can be:


short term ~ long term

live in ~ come and go

part time ~ full time

day ~ night ~ weekends

Daily life can become more difficult for you, let us give you a stress free process and solution for your needs.

We understand and want the best for you and your loved ones.


To make sure our candidates are completely qualified for each position they first must pass our full screenings which include:

background checks, criminal records, employment history, references, licensed skills, or certifications, such as CNA, nursing, first aid, CPR, ect.

Please note: this is NOT a job application, this form is only for someone requesting a housekeeper.